Handing & Swing refers to the side of the door which is hinged and the way the door swings inside or outside of the room or home. Consider the way you would like your door to open when making this choice.

A simple way to understand handing is to stand in the doorway with the door in the open position with your back against the jamb of the door where you want the hinges to be placed. From this position, if you want the door on your left, it is a left hand door. From this position, if you want the door on your right, it is a right hand door.

Single Door Left Hand PrintSingle Door Left Hand Photo

Single Door, Left Hand (Above)

Single Door Right Hand PrintSingle Door Right Hand Photo

Single Door, Right Hand (Above)


For interior doors, one door is designated as “active” (operating to open the door), and the other door is designated as “inactive” (still opens and closes, but uses dummy).

The inactive door includes an attached T-astragal with flush bolts.

French Door Left Hand Active

French Door, Left Hand Active (Above)

Trim a Door

French Door, Right Hand Active (Above)

Trim A Door

French Door, Ball Catch (Above)

Door Slabs are not bored for this application.  Ball Catch hardware is included at no additional charge.

Trim A Door

Bipass Door (Above)

If Door Slabs need ‘Half Bore’ check the box.