Trim A Door has the manufacturing and custom finishing capabilities to offer both Pre-finishing and Finishing options for our mill-work products.

These finishing options vary widely to fill any custom mill-work or construction need that you may come to us with. Our finishes help to keep your personalized mill-work in great condition over time by giving it the exact look that you desire. Please read more about our pre-finishing and finishing options below.

If you have any questions you can call us at Trim A Door North, Trim A Door South, Trim A Door Toledo, or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

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What started as a simple stain shop with one spray booth has grown to fill an 80,000-square foot facility dedicated to experienced finishers, proven processes, and top of the line equipment and technologies.

We are also able to match colors or create the specific color that you are looking for within our paint and finishing departments.

At Trim A Door we are proud to offer the highest quality pre-finish available for all of your custom mill-work. The pre-finishing facility at Trim A Door is a spotlessly clean, dust-controlled building separate from other production areas.

Having your product pre-finished before delivery eliminates warping, splitting, and other problems that result from humidity fluctuations during construction and installation.

Plus, a Trim A Door Pre-finish means your mill-work is ready for installation when it arrives, saving you the hassle and expense of finishing onsite!

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Pre-finish Options
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Our state of the art pre-finish facility is outfitted with the latest finishing equipment that helps us provide a durable, consistent, and even finish every time. All products that are finished are carefully prepped, thoroughly inspected, sanded, cleaned, finished to your desired color, and shipped ready to install.

Trim A Door uses only the highest quality highest quality of stains, paints, and primers in our finishing processes. These products are specifically formulated for the environment that they will be applied in and for the material they will be applied to. The durability and quality of our finish cannot be duplicated with typical off-the-shelf stains or paints.

Paint Process

Products to be painted at Trim A Door are carefully inspected and all surfaces are prepped to remove any imperfections resulting from the manufacturing and handling processes.

All painted products first receive a coat of primer specifically formulated for compatibility and adhesion with our paints. We use the highest quality paints available and offer over 40 pre-mixed colors designed to blend with and complement stock colors of other building industry products such as siding and windows. If you do not find the color you are looking for in our stock colors, simply submit a color sample and we will create a custom color blend for you.

Paint Colors

Our Trim A Door team are experts in color-matching and color creation to fit any home. Great care is taken to match color standards. Color swatches are intended to provide a sample and are not accurate for color matching. We will always work with you to accurately reach the color that you desire for your construction project.